Mr and Mrs CheeseThe Shebbear Cheese Co. is set in the beautiful Devon countryside at Higher Forda, just outside the village it is named after.

Sarah and Chris have lived here since 1997.

Initially they pursued their respective careers, Chris travelling to far flung places with the UN and Sarah managing Garden Centres However it wasn’t long before they decided to give this up and start a poultry business producing eggs and rearing table birds, only giving this up when Sarah discovered cheesemaking!

Sarah is a dairy farmer’s daughter and has had a life-long passion for cows and cheese but it wasn’t until a chance conversation six years ago that she and a friend had a go at making cheese. From the start she was hooked and a hobby soon evolved into a small thriving business.

Chris gradually became involved as the business expanded and as well as helping to make cheese he can be found sharing his enthusiasm for our cheese at markets.